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AMTIR-8 is the product of more than 40 years of scientific research and development in the field of infrared optical glass. As such, it optimizes all of the critical needs an optical design engineer requires in the 1 to 14-um wavelength window and -60 °C to +80 °C temperature range. Blanks are available in all sizes, small to 150 mm diameter and thicknesses up to 25 mm (Larger diameters may be available in the future).

AMTIR-8 is the only commercially available infrared glass composition offering highly-homogeneous internal quality, very low index dispersion, and thermal coefficients of refractive index approaching zero across the MWIR and LWIR spectrum. AMTIR-8 has highly desirable optical transmission properties, with remarkably good transmission at 1.064 ums.  It can be antireflection coated using conventional techniques for similar infrared compositional materials. It was designed to have a thermal expansion coefficient at the critical glass strain point temperature which mates perfectly with most aluminum alloys, such as 6061-T4, thus eliminating thermally-induced stress and subsequent damage during bonding or the temperature extremes associated with field application.  With respect to chemical durability, it is stain-free and insoluble in water at all temperatures, stain-free and insoluble in weak and strong acid solutions, and stain-resistant with very low solubility in weak basic solutions. AMTIR-8 has excellent electrical properties, high rupture modulus strength, and excellent mechanical properties. It can be ground and polished to exceptional optical quality using standard as well as advanced fabrication techniques. It maintains full operational stability at temperatures approaching absolute zero and has an upper use temperature of 123 °C, making it suitable for virtually all field applications.

Samples of AMTIR-8 for evaluation are readily available to any qualified business.

 Patent Pending 63522562