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 Amorphous Materials,Inc. (AMI) has developed the technology and built the facility capable of compounding and casting 10,000 lbs. of glass per year. AMI offers a broad range of Chalcogenide Glasses to meet your manufacturing needs. Whether big or small, our IR optical blanks are built with precision, in accordance with the highest quality standards.

 Amorphous Materials was founded in 1977 to serve as a source of Infrared tranmitting glass or IR glass to be used as optical materials for night vision (FLIR) systems. The word "amorphous" is used to indicate the non-crystalline nature of the IR glass. AMTIR is the acronym for amorphous material transmitting IR radiation. 

 AMI offers Chalcogenide Glasses, AMTIR-1, AMTIR-2, AMTIR-4, AMTIR-5, AMTIR-6, AMTIR-7 and AMTIR-8. AMI also offers optical grade GaAs (gallium arsenide). AMI does not fabricate finished optics with one exception. Small diameter, short focal length AMTIR lenses are fabricated for IR sensors used in commercial passive IR devices for remote temperature sensing.


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